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Why is Utility Data Important?

Data management is what we do. We do not perform energy audits or change your light bulbs. Instead, we work in partnership with companies who do perform energy audits and change light bulbs. Early on we decided to focus on being a single source for energy monitoring services and do it better than anyone else. Our software developers worked for months to develop customer friendly, internet based software using advanced techniques developed by the medical community.

Combine our technology with our total commitment to customer service and you have a very powerful energy management tool. There is no guessing. We will provide you with the ability to continually monitor your energy usage, at any location in the world from anywhere in the world. The limits of this tool are only defined by your creativity and ours.

Some of the basic services we provide:

  • At last, we can provide you with solutions for reducing peak demand charges (can represent as much as 70 percent of your electric bill) because we can show you when and where they occur.
  • Monitoring of critical processes and equipment complete with alerts (text or web) created by you, with parameters set up and controlled by you.
  • Environmental (temperature / humidity) monitoring
  • Sub-metering for multi-tenant facilities (Hotels, motels, apartment buildings, malls, strip malls, business complexes, etc.┬á If it is multi-anything, we can show you who is using what energy.
  • Assistance with re-commissioning activities,
  • Monitoring (Modeling) of HVAC systems using various ambient condition parameters (Temperature, Humidity Ratio, etc.) as a predictor for Energy consumption.
  • Monitoring (alerts/reports) for user defined inputs (lights, equipment, freezers, etc.)
  • Most of all, Analysis of energy data to identify opportunities for energy conservation.

We open the door to show you where your energy dollar is being spent, and then we work with you to show you the power to conserve.