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Reporting Software & Data Hosting

When developing UtilityRecon®, EnterScape™ made the decision to provide the client with the ability to analyze and monitor utility data across channels, facilities, and time using a simple intuitive interface. Unlike many reporting software solutions, our goal was not to simply create a dashboard-style graphical output; we wanted to provide the customer with the greatest value from their utility data, i.e. actionable data!

Abbreviated Listing of Functionality and Benefits:

  • Multiple User Access Levels
  • Easy to set-up tenant/department sub-metering
  • User-defined Daily Exception Reports and Alarms (emails/text messages)
  • Calculated channels provide the user the ability to create user-defined data streams based on real data channels, e.g. kWh/sqft
  • Graphical reports are automatically generated and can be easily modified using Excel
  • Modeling of HVAC systems using various ambient condition parameters (temperature, humidity ratio, etc.) as a predictor for energy consumption
  • Secure data storage that utilizes customer specific databases

The benefits to the customer include:

  • Continuous monitoring of utility consumption on a sub-meter level
  • Sub-metering of utilities for allocation of expenses to tenants or departments
  • An in-depth understanding of peak power and the contributing loads
  • User-defined alerts and exception reports (emails/text messages) keep you informed about the status of your facility
  • Independent verification of equipment status and utilization – “sits on top of existing facility controls”
  • Reduced installation expenses (wireless)
  • The ability to view a single or multiple facilities using a single consolidated source for utility data
  • Identification of opportunities (specific $ impact) of shifting loads to reduce peak demand fees
  • Identification of equipment, which may be contributing to or impacted by reduced Power Factor
  • Determination of the portion of utilities that is utilized for manufacturing and therefore not subject to sales tax
  • Increased employee customer awareness utilizing customized continuously updating dashboards, which can be displayed on any PC screen/display
  • The addition of monitoring may make you eligible for the Energy Efficient Commercial Building Tax Deduction – Section 179D.